Gliffy Online

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If you need to create a diagram but you don’t have a powerful tool like Visio (cause it’s expensive n it’s for windows :p ), or you have the tool but not comfortable with it (like ADA, well in my case 😀 ), you might want to try Gliffy Online. Through that website, you can create a very nice diagram easily (well again, for me it’s easy to use). And just like Visio and ADA, you can create any type of diagram like UML, network, flow chart, etc. After done creating your diagram, you can save it as jpeg or png. Or you can just publish it like this one.

First taste of Gliffy Online

First taste of Gliffy Online


Easily Share Internet Connection in Ubuntu Ibex

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So here is the case, you have more than one computers in your place, one internet connection, one of them (or all) has Ubuntu inside, and you want all of your pcs to be able to connect to internet through the Ubuntu pc. What you need to do in your Ubuntu pc (the gateway) is:

  1. Install dhcp server
    sudo apt-get install dhcp3-server
  2. Install firestarter
    sudo apt-get install firestarter
  3. Create symbolic link for dhcpd. Need to do this because firestarter looks for dhcpd, while in Ibex there’s only dhcpd3.
    sudo ln -s /usr/sbin/dhcpd3 /usr/sbin/dhcpd
  4. You might need to assign ipaddress to the network interface card that connect to your LAN.
    sudo ifconfig eth0
  5. Run firestarter
  6. firestarterwizard1
  7. firestarterwizard2
  8. firestarter3
  9. firestarter4
  10. Just connect your other pcs to the hub/switch


  1. I used Intrepid Ibex.
  2. I connected the pcs through cable. Haven’t tried this method for sharing internet connection over wireless (adhoc).

Name Your Dream Assignment

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Two Effecient Firefox Addons

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  1. morningcoffee Morning Coffee.  There are some urls I always open everytime I start firefox like,, ipv6mail, planet ubuntu id, planet el02, and Although I have them all bookmarked in my toolbar, it still annoying (but I still do it P ) to do it everytime. But using this addon, I can add them to my everyday morning coffee, so that everytime I want to open them I just need to click once, and they all will be opened in tabs. 便利ですね。。。
  2. Fire Gesture. For this one, I got influenced by my japanese lab friends. I think all of them are using it. Using this addon, I can just hold right click than drag to the left to go back one page, or to the right to go forward one page. Another 便利 addon. There are also other gestures  we can set up.

Great Speech From Steve Job

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Gnome-ppp and Huawei 3G USB Modem

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emobile modem

emobile modem

I had a problem connecting to internet using huawei 3G modem D02HW inUbuntu Intrepid Ibex before. The modem was detected, I already set the gnome-ppp to use this setting:
username: em
password: em
phone number: *99***1#
Deveice: /dev/ttyUSB0
Type: USB Modem
Speed: 460800
Phone Line: tone
Volume: High
InitString: init2=>ATH0E1

but it still couldn’t connect to the internet. It kept saying waiting for prompt and then permission denied on /usr/bin/pppd bla bla bla.
Here is the solution: change the user privilage in System -> Administration -> User and Groups -> Unlock -> Insert your password -> Properties -> User Privileges -> Check “Connect to internet using a modem” -> OK -> Logout -> Login -> Try connect again, it should be working now.

Firefox 3 Starts in Offline Mode Problem

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In my ubuntu, firefox always starts in offline mode. The solution is simple, in firefox, open new tab -> type “about:config” (without the double quotes) -> type toolkit.networkmanager.disable -> change the value to true. It should be working in online mode from now on.