Every OS sucks: Agree?

I have no idea since when the PC vs Mac Commercial started, but nowadays you can find lots of them on the net. The commercials are VERY FUNNY indeed, and amusing for me, especially this one

Can’t stop laughing every time I watch it :))

Then came a new commercial that follow the PC vs Mac style, but this time PC vs Mac vs Linux! Wow, as linux user (Linux Mint Daryna), I was so excited to see that ads. And it turned out to be “not that bad”.

And you can find so many other ads, official and imitation one, with just “pc mac linux” keyword on youtube.

Anyway, I also stumbled on this video

which says that every operating system sucks! When I saw the title, “wow” this is nice,i thought. And every thing that guy said on the video is true in my opinion. As a linux user I found some good things, but most of the time also troubles. Same way happened when I used windows. Have no chance to use mac yet, but I saw a friend who used mac can not show furigana when he wrote kanji characters, so there is also problem, maybe problems.

No need to defend or love one OS so deeply, cause one has strengths and weaknesses over the others. Though I still find it amusing to see this OS competition ads 🙂


~ by overblaze on September 22, 2008.

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