I’ve heard about TeX/LaTeX so many times before, but yesterday was the first time I got my hand on it. So to do TeX-ing, I installed texlive package from Ubuntu repository, and other related texlive packages such as texlive-pictures, etc. I also installed hevea and tth to convert from LaTeX to HTML or text. So TeX is, according to wikipedia, a typesetting setting, whatever that is :p I heard that LaTeX is a good choice if you want to write and publish a material (book,paper,etc) with many mathematical equations inside.

As my very first TeX project, I tried to follow the example in wikipedia. I opened a text editor, copied the text in the example, and saved it. Then I opened terminal, and type

tex file

That command will work assuming you have installed the texlive as I did, and will create a file with extension .dvi. In my Ubuntu, I can open that file simply by double clicking it. Then, I also learned that you can convert it to HTML or PDF.

Following the example from wikipedia, I had this impression that TeX is like programming, cause we need to know the syntax of some symbols, like \pm for ±, etc. But then I found out that there are WYSIWYG tools for making TeX document like LyX. Very easy to use.

And here is my very first TeX document I made in pdf version. It’s easy this far, let’s see what’s next.


~ by overblaze on October 8, 2008.

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