Disposable Email Address

By stumble again, I found this interesting website, GuerrillaMail.com. It gives a temporary email service which will expire in one hour. So, without any registration whatsoever, you can get a random email address or set a new one by yourself that will last for one hour. With that email address, you can read email and reply from it. It’s very useful if you want to, for example, give comment in certain website but you need to register yourself to do so. But you think you won’t go there frequently, so it will be annoying to use your private email address, cause sometimes (or most of the times), they will give you spam, or information you don’t need. So, just use the temporary email address you get from GuerrillaMail, and you can avoid yourself from spams :p Give it a try 😀


~ by overblaze on October 15, 2008.

2 Responses to “Disposable Email Address”

  1. While GuerrillaMail works great with one-off signups (such as quick comments, online demos, etc.), what about those things that you want to read eventually, but don’t want cluttering your main email?

    You should give OtherInbox a try. We launched recently at the TechCrunch50 conference. By giving each user their own domain name (@username.otherinbox.com), we allow for each person to create new email addresses on the fly (facebook@username.otherinbox.com, amazone@username.otherinbox.com, etc.) With this, OtherInbox automatically manages and organizes your mail in folders, allowing you to come back later and read the less-important stuff on your own time.

    Also, like you mentioned, many web services end up spamming you. With OtherInbox’s Block option, you can see which website is spamming you (by the unique address you gave them) and block them from bothering you again.

    Here’s a link for 26 invites to our private beta (1 for you, and 25 for your readers):


    We hope you enjoy trying out OtherInbox, and look forward to any comments or reviews you may give on your blog.


    ~The OtherInbox Team

  2. gee, i’ll give it a try later if i need it again;)

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