YM File Transfer for Pidgin

Send a file

Send a file

Ever wondered how to transfer files (send and receive) in Yahoo Messenger using pidgin? It’s easy. For sending, in your conversation window, click the Conversation menu then choose Send File … Then tell the other party to accept it or else you’ll never talk to him/her anymore! :p

To receive file, it’s even easier. Just click the accept button when the pop out dialog shows out.

Receive File Dialog

Receive File Dialog

But wait! My friend can not send the file to me, cause the Send File Button in his/her native YM application is unclickable! What to do?? Relax, try this, tell him/her to drag the file and drop it to the conversation window he/she’s using to chat with you. It works, right??? 😀 If it’s still not working, I don’t know else, you’re unlucky :))


~ by overblaze on October 17, 2008.

One Response to “YM File Transfer for Pidgin”

  1. haha! you blogged about it!?! 😛 not only is the send file button unclickable. it’s not there! XD but it’s weird that you cannot see the invitation for photo sharing.

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