Songbird Music Player

Songbird in action

Songbird in action

As always, using stumble, I found this cool music player, Songbird. The appearance really looks like iTunes, so if you’re used to using iTunes, i think you won’t have problem using it, even I who don’t have iTunes found it easy to use. And since it is powered by mozilla, Songbird can also be used as internet browser. Yeah, i know, very cool, isn’t it? It really feels like firefox internet browser, and you can even install some addons you’re familiar with in firefox like Flashgot, Stumble toolbar, etc, though not everything, too bad 😦 Can’t let go my firefox yet, due to some amazing addons 😀 They have the windows version, mac, and linux version of Songbird, so don’t worry windows users, you can give it a try 😀 So far, I like it, the color also matched my current desktop, maybe I’ll keep using it for a while to see its performance, cause since it’s powered by mozilla, n based my experience and others too, mozilla firefox consumes quite memory and my firefox also used to crash once in a while. We’ll see if it happens to Songbird as well. So my Rhythmbox, sorry, I need to set you aside for a while:p You’ve been doing great replacing the heavy Amarok 😀

Songbird browser in action

Songbird browser in action


~ by overblaze on October 22, 2008.

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