HP new Mini 1000 and MIE Linux: I want this!

HP Mini 1000

HP Mini 1000

I was thinking of buying a netbook recently, well not now or the near future cause no money yet :p But after I saw this one, I really like it! just look at it, isn’t it beautiful? And the MIE version (Mobile Internet Experience) which is based on Ubuntu, and which I will buy of course, is much cheaper than the MS one! I just found it here, that the reason why the windows version is more expensive is not only because windows is not free OS, but also because in MIE version, there’s no Windows button on the netbook. The Windows key on the keyboard is replaced by an HP key on the MIE models and pressing this key takes you straight to the MIE home key. And i don’t know if it’s true or not, but on that forum, that guy said that the Dell, HP, etc have to pay to MS for that button! Ckck…

Anyway, you can find the spec here, and I hope it’s released here in Japan soon in January, with the same price of course :p


~ by overblaze on October 30, 2008.

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