Motivation For Research

Tokyo tower

Tokyo tower

Japan is not only famous of its manga and anime, but also of the advance of technology. One of the reason of this advance is because of so many researches conducted in universities and companies. Recently I just found out about the reason why students and lecturers in Japan willingly conduct so many researches. Not only to add more entries on their curriculum vitae, but also because they want to go abroad. As you may know, there are so many international conferences about technology. And since it’s international scale, most of the time it’s held outside Japan. By doing research, they can submit papers, and if the papers passed the review, they will have the chance to go abroad. They also don’t have to worry about the money, because the university will pay for them, everything. For university, money is not a problem. The more papers produced by their students/lecturers, the more famous the university will be.

Researching is like racing here. In a meeting few days ago, my sensei listed the international conferences that will be held next year like PIMRC in Tokyo, VTC in Alaska, and APWCS in Seoul. He encouraged everyone to submit a paper to any of the conferences. Not only the master student or PhD students, but also the bachelor students as well. Even one of my friend who is still in bachelor degree is ready to submit paper to APWCS cause he wants to go to Seoul.

I believe this is one of motivation that universities in Indonesia should have to advance in technology. Especially to ITB, since I heard ITB is planning to be a research based institute. Hopefully more good quality papers are produced from ITB.


~ by overblaze on December 9, 2008.

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