Two Effecient Firefox Addons

  1. morningcoffee Morning Coffee.  There are some urls I always open everytime I start firefox like,, ipv6mail, planet ubuntu id, planet el02, and Although I have them all bookmarked in my toolbar, it still annoying (but I still do it P ) to do it everytime. But using this addon, I can add them to my everyday morning coffee, so that everytime I want to open them I just need to click once, and they all will be opened in tabs. 便利ですね。。。
  2. Fire Gesture. For this one, I got influenced by my japanese lab friends. I think all of them are using it. Using this addon, I can just hold right click than drag to the left to go back one page, or to the right to go forward one page. Another 便利 addon. There are also other gestures  we can set up.

~ by overblaze on January 8, 2009.

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